How to be Advanz Up Model?

Why Talent Choose Us.​
We work the hardest for them . We provide up-to-the-minute updates, casting calls, and agency news for their convenience. We are passionate about helping Actors, Models, Voice Over Talent, and Extras excel in this industry .

As Production Center

Advanz Up Productions is also engaged in organizing Events, producing short films & creating Innovative Audio Visual Presentation. 

Talent Worshop

Careers with Advanz Up Castings and Productions

Events, Pageant, Shows

Advanz Up is also engaged in organizing events, fashion show, concerts and pageants.

We also have various contests for babies, kids, teens and adults which aim to develop more their confidence, expose them to limelight and entertainment as a stepping stone for them to be a Star and be Discovered in the world of modelling.

Advanz Up  is a full service & Highly respectable Talent &  Casting agency  representing men, women, and children of all ages in television, feature films, commercials, video, voice-overs, print, runway, promotions, and trade or mall shows. We are in service by providing straight-forward, ethical contact with our casters, agencies and clients.

Advanz Up is the premier agency designed to promote undiscovered models to our vast database of photographers, scouts, and agencies. We help aspiring models reach their goal of increased exposure within the industry. We also offer workshop to enhance talents’ full potential.



Email your best photos to :
Indicate your Complete Name, Birthdate, Age, Address & Cellphone Numbers.
All new and old models from  kids starting at 4yrs, teens, adults, mom, dad up to 60yrs old male and female are welcome to be our talent for TV commercials, prints, tv shows, events, movies and films. FREE VTR / Profile

What makes us different

We have the most comprehensive service for models of all levels, from new faces to professionals. We provide down-to-earth and personal representation as we book Talent for each project.



Our expertise.
​We utilize cutting edge technology to bridge and unite aspiring and professional models with top TV Networks & advertising agencies from all over the globe.
There is no agency fee to be represented as an Actor, VO Talent, or Model.

Advanz Up Castings and Productions History

Advanz Up School of models and actors is now offering short courses in talent workshops. 
Receive Certificate of Completion / Diploma after the course. 
Be certified actor and model !! Open to all 3yrs old to 35yrs old.